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When a Republican is replaced by a Democrat do to infighting between the Tea Party and mainstream Republicans
In 2012 in Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar was a popular incumbant who would have been easily re-elected, but he was defeated in the Republican primary by Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock, so then in a Tea Party turnover the Senate seat went to Democrat Joe Donnelly.
by Republican$$uck November 18, 2013
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One of the biggest political scandals of the 20th century in which the Reagan Adminstration sold weapons to Iran in order to provide funding for the Contras in Nicaragua
It's amazing Ronald Reagan was not impeached over the Iran-Contra scandal, but at least he never got a blowjob!
by Republican$$uck November 24, 2013
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An effort by many Republicans to suppress the rights of women, especially abortion, contraception, and in some cases general women's health
My neighbor just died from cervical cancer, because of the war on women the local Planned Parenthood clinic was forced to close and she was no longer able to get regular pap smears.
by Republican$$uck November 17, 2013
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A strategy in which Republicans are trying to prevent people who might oppose them from voting, typically the poor, elderly and minorities. Usually they will claim they are just trying to stop voter fraud even though there is no evidence that that has been a problem
In Texas as part of their Voter Suppression program a concealled carry permit can be used as an ID to vote, but a student ID from one of their state colleges does not count, it's pretty obvious who they're trying to stop from voting.
by Republican$$uck November 24, 2013
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Canadian-born teahadist who represents Texas in the U.S. Senate, he helped orchestrate a government shutdown as part of an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act
Ted Cruz seems to have just one goal in life; stop the Affordable Care Act no matter what.
by Republican$$uck November 22, 2013
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A fake scandal created by the Tea Party as part of their relentless attacks on the Obama Administration
The Republican Congress cut funding for security making Benghazi vulnerable to attack and now they're trying to blame Obama for "Benghazi-gate"
by Republican$$uck November 10, 2013
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Democratic member of the Texas state legislature who made national headlines for her filibuster of draconian anti-abortion legislation
Texas has always been a major battleground in the war on women but Wendy Davis is fighting back!
by Republican$$uck November 24, 2013
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