A Space African. Typically hailing from Space Africa, in the poorer parts of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is said that the human race was accidentally seeded by escapee from a space slave ship that crashed in Africa.
" That's not just any African, that's a Negroid from Space Africa.
by XKalibur May 13, 2015
A term meaning the same as 'black person', but in a more blunt way.

"Did you see that negroid walking down the street?"
by GanjahhBaby420 April 14, 2009
A derogatory term for an african american cyborg, commonly used in graphic novella such as 2000 A.D.
"Hey you! Negroid get out of here before i get the klan on you!"
by Randall Flagg March 7, 2005
A myth created by liberals to make everyone who's not of this mysterious skin color feel guilty and buy/watch a whole bunch of shit nobody cares about in February.

How come you never see any blacks anymore except on television? Because they don't exist, they're just a pigment of our imagination.
Paul: Hey, did you hear about Tyrone's Grandmother?

Bob: Paul I keep telling you Tyrone, the civil rights movement, black "culture," and all negroids in general don't fucking exist. They are not real, niggers are extinct.

*Bob is sentenced to the maximum penalty for hate speech*
by Anon1978 June 30, 2009
it's an affectionate term towards a person that you see as a close friend or family member.
Be ready by 3 P.M. tomorrow negroid ; we're going skating!
by Bojangles & sw20elite February 24, 2010
A mix between a Nigga and a robot, both of them combined will create a Negroid

Negroid: Negroid number #420 reporting for duty
Slave owner: My god, is this what they call ios 10!
Negroid: Shall I go pick the cotton
Slave owner: My god, well you better get to it or that's 100 lashes
by Ear rape is gud May 21, 2018
Negroid. steroids for black people, very cheap and dont do anything to you, taken through a syringe. Gives you a great buzz, and keeps you staying blacker then ever.
Yo nigga, i got these insane negroids, 1$ per syringe
by the white nagga November 6, 2010