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To go through hard times with no better perspective. To be bankrupt, badly dressed and stinky because you`ve just had a huge scandal at work and the boss (who saw you) decided to fire you. It goes for men and women alike.
My boss fired me! Man, I never though I`ll blow the horse in my puss/ass! I think I`ll sink quite a few tonight.
by Reek-the-Prick January 09, 2020

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A common disease in the developing part of the world, affecting most employees in customer service. They treat you as if they were an expensive slut who only does her/his thing if she/he somehow depends on you and as if you were a lousy shepard in rags who smells of socks and rotten lard.
These boys and girls at the bank surely suffer from the classy bitch syndrome. I almost feel the urge to ask: How much do you want to do me right?
by Reek-the-Prick December 12, 2019

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Fart around, jerk off, waste time doing nothing interesting and/or instructive.
I was fired so today I`m just gonna milk the mule on google.com.
by Reek-the-Prick August 29, 2019

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to spend most of your time masturbating and drinking
She was not into dancing or fucking, so she left me all alone to masturdrink.
by Reek-the-Prick April 01, 2019

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Your first night in jail, when your new protector will swear to always protect you from anybody different than himself and you will swear to serve him whenever in need until your allegedly sudden refusal or death do you part. It may be also called "wild billiards night" because there is strong likelihood that before sunrise all of your six holes will be caked with cum.
The Wedding Night in prison was an experience I still remember, `cause now I can barely find a chair to sit on.
by Reek-the-Prick December 12, 2019

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died from a terrible orgasm, collapsed like a pig who ate too much, wet the tampon
We went down on each other, then I fucked her until she gushed her soul out.
by Reek-the-Prick December 06, 2019

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