59 definitions by Red

A form of tag.
See bleeder.
by RED December 04, 2002
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The act of tagging. Varying size, complexity, and color usage.
Lets go bomb that fat wall we scoped last nite.
by RED December 04, 2002
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The number after 6 and before 8
"five, six, seum"
"Dat nigga got bout seum or eight slugs"
"I'ma need bout seum dollars to make it to work next week"
by Red February 12, 2004
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A block and tackle mounted on a makeshift tripod, usually used outdoors to lift an engine out of a car.
Well, you can have it, but you'll probably need a hillbilly hoist to lift it into the bed of your truck.
by Red March 29, 2005
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a male having only one testicle.
Haris is a manegg
by Red October 01, 2003
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The language of a bimbo
Rosie is a dab hand at bimbonics
by Red October 12, 2004
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skinny white nerd
"i hate you nathuuuu"
by red March 08, 2004
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