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A snuggle hug, showing affection often in a friendship way.
by Raven October 27, 2003
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A nonsense word that pleases children when they hear it because it brainwashes their small minds into thinking saying it really fast can make them special.
Bobby thought he was special because he learned how to say supercallefragelisticexpialladotious without stuttering.
by Raven July 31, 2003
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Adult content played on Anime Network at 1:00am eastern to 4:00am eastern
Skimmpy Clothes-Extreme Jiggling-Nose Bleed
by Raven February 05, 2005
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Another of the many words for penis.
He must have a small weanus.
by Raven March 01, 2004
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A slang form of the word "you" for people who don't know how to spell and have poor grammar.
U r 2 kewl 2 b 4gotten!
by Raven May 27, 2003
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Origin: Guitar.com MISC forum

Old news. Something that has been posted before.
Hello and welcome to.. I shit in my shower.
by Raven March 07, 2005
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