54 definitions by Raven

The place that does not exist
I am going to visit Tiberia and fist Evil Steve's ass.
by Raven March 05, 2005
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1) Carlo

2) A really hyper active Asian who jumps off walls, eats rice, goes crazy, practices ninjitsu, listens to rap music, or is the Shiznit.
That Teenage Mutatant Ninja Nigga ate my rice bowl!!
by Raven April 05, 2004
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bitch from Teen Titans that petrified herself.
me:die bitch!!!
by Raven February 04, 2005
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Horny desire inside you.It is an emotion which motivates you to do something that ypu know you should AVOID.
by Raven February 14, 2005
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A pinecone bird feeder like they used to make in Girl Scouts, where you put peanut butter and the pinecone and roll it in bird seed. I don't know whey Strong Sad named them wood davers, though. He must have been REALLY hopped up, man.
You wanna make some wood davers with me? I got pinecones, I got peanut butter!
by Raven December 24, 2003
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1. A chocolate, peanut and caramel experience
2. the best chocolate bar in the history of ever
The wunderbars are over there.
by Raven August 18, 2003
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