Teen Titans is an animated series based on DC Comic's comic book series of the same name. It rates an 8 on the animation scale as the range of motion of the characters is the predominant focus and balances out a flatter graphical sylization. I highly recommend it.
The modern era of higher budget allowance animation modern neater styles of animation with a wide range of motion take precedence to a fully stylized stop motion expressive style. Teen Titans provides a good range of visual entertainment an doesn't rely soley on a soundeffects or voice track.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 28, 2011
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1. A comic book about Robin (of Batman) and fellow teen superheroes.

2. A fauxnime that appeals to fans of Japanese cartoons. Since it's not really Japanese, calling it "anime" is a stretch.
Kid: Let's watch Teen Titans!....Wait, why is this anime?
Otaku: This is not anime...it's not true Japanese art.
by Brick Wall February 6, 2005
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A mid-2000s cartoon show made for a wide audience (as showcased by its appeal to darker themes and problem-solving orientation). The characters include Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy who are all part of a superhero team that lives on the West Coast.

The show is in an anime-esque style but by no means attempts to be one. It includes opening credits in Japanese and a vaguely Japanese animation style, but does not include story arcs similar to that of anime.

It includes subjects like teen angst, growing up, fighting evil (in all forms), and finding out what's good.

By no means does it attempt to fulfill all requirements of a kids' show, but it does try to teach good morals.

Its spin-off/sequel series is Teen Titans Go!.
"Teen Titans? Hasn't that show been off the air for a while?"
"Why, yes it has. But you can watch Teen Titans Go!."
by It'sme33 July 22, 2016
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A cartoon that is completely inaccurate to the comics, with fans who are old af but acts like 9 year olds. They don't read comics and don't know shit about the characters, but they like to claim the "real Teen Titans fan" title. They aren't fans. They are annoying af and whines about everything. They say that their childhood was ruined, but the ACTUAL Teen Titans from the comics was ruined by that crap show. They are gonna give me bad ratings on the definition because they can't accept facts.
Teen Titans Cartoon Dumbass: "WHY IS STARFIRE'S POWERS NOT GREEN AND WHY IS RAVEN NOT EMOTIONLESS!!!!!!! #NotMyStarfire #NotMyRaven #BringBackTheOriginal"

Actual Teen Titans Fan: "Actually, Starfire's power is violet and orange. Raven also isn't even emotionless. Read comics you fake ass fan. #NotMyTeenTitans #ReadComics #TeenTitansCartoonSucks"
by Twice Stan March 29, 2019
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The show is kind of cool but boring.Pretty stupid but addicting. I don't get why they use anime when none of the characters are Japanese.
Robin:Too serious. Focuses on his work and yells at team mates. In love with Starfire. He has no powers but all those gadgets.
Starfire: Not used to Earth customs, girly, weird. She's from Planet Tamaran. She's in love with Robin.She shoots starbolts, green bullet thingies, out of her eyes and hands.
Raven: She's moody, dark, and an introvert. She fights with Beast Boy but can be funny. Raven is telekinetik.
Beast Boy: Says "dude" way too much. He has green skin, tries to be funny, is a little annoying, and Beast Boy can change into any animal.
Cyborg: Half man, half robot. Likes to have fun but is serious, too.
Robin: STOP! Okay,Teen Titans, we NEED to do this and beat Mr.Man.
Starfire: Why would we hit him? I beleive we only wanted to defeat him? What if we hurt him? What if he hurts the hairstyle I got at the "mall"?
Raven: Just GO. I'm getting bored with Mr. Lamejokes here.
Beast Boy: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Raven: So he couldn't hear your lame jokes.
Beast Boy: (laughing) That's a good one!
Cyborg: Come on, you two. That was funny, but let's get on track here.

by Caryne May 29, 2006
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A cartoon made by wapanese for the wapanese. Unfortunately, it's not made in Japan, automatically making it crap in the eyes of the wapanese.
If you take away all the Japanimation pratfalls, facial expressions, and deformed contortions from Teen Titans, you would have an OK show. Oh yeah...there wouldn't be a show.
by R. Kemp February 9, 2005
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A horrible show that has gained popularity thanks to the fact that Robin is part of the cast. This show has a horrible script for it contains a large amount of cheese, stupid dialoge, flawed plots and horrible character development. It also has awful characters that the audience can't connect with. Finally, the theme song of this show is the worst J-Pop I have ever heard. It should not be watched by anyone who has good taste in animation.
Guy: OMG!!!!!!!!!1 TEEN TITANS IS TEH ON!!!!!!!111one1
Girl:Ew, you like that show?
by Mad_Lupine August 18, 2005
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