17 definitions by Rage

Yo azz is so phat!
by Rage March 5, 2003
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omfghefuckingrulestotally.hewasformer super-mod and modatw-e
He makes GFX. omg check out his recent shit, it ownz
by Rage January 13, 2005
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To get high at a explecit level, mostly used when you are using your mouth,ears,and your ass to smoke something.
"awwww man i'm frickin' high 9." *PASSES OUT*
by Rage April 24, 2003
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(1)-Interjection- For an old person to yell, bicker, and bitch at you to get off his piss-yellow lawn.
"Hey you rascals! Get the fuck off my lawn!!!"
by Rage April 24, 2003
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Sexual intercourse and felatio with excremented genitalia.
Juan took a huge shit on Maria`s clitoris and pussyhole then plunged his cock into the steaming loaf forcing it into her pussyhole, after ejaculating on her clit he begins to munch on the Mexican Taco.
by Rage November 30, 2005
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(1)-Noun-A lesbian Dinosuar.
"That there is a anchient Lickapus hip bone!"
"Why is it red?"
"Well you see..."
by Rage April 24, 2003
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