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The perfect opportunity to poop with little effort. In other words, the body and mind's optimal time to release a demon. Once missed, said demon retreats, solidifies, and cements itself in your lower intestine until the next pooportunity.
Chad:"I had the perfect pooportunity, but I passed it up because I'm too self-conscious to shit in the middle of a parking lot"

Bruce: "Man, you done fucked up. That sweet shit baby demon lives inside you now."

Chad:"My tummy hurts"
by Rae$ December 11, 2016
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The prime opportunity to take a poop. Being in the ideal situation to defecate, free from worry, interruption, or discovery.
I felt my stomach gurgling from the huge lunch I ate so the moment everyone left the office, it was the perfect pooportunity.
by nylek May 06, 2009
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The specific opportunity to defecate when one has the chance.
Example 1: One should always take a pooportunity when one has a chance.

Example 2: John regretted not taking the pooportunity as he faced into the 3 hour bus journey.

Example 3: Jo was waiting for the pooportune time to exact revenge.

Example 4: Walking along the cliff, Simon spotted the perfect pooportunity to enjoy the view of the sunset.
by Jocian August 11, 2014
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The moment you find the only gas station or indoor toilet for the next 50 miles and sieze opportunity to poop.
Husband: STOP right there at that filling station!! I need to take this poop-ortunity, I've been prarie doggin for the past 10 miles!

Wife: Cut it off at 30 minutes!... and WHO says 'filling station' anyway?!
by tootymcfruggle March 12, 2009
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Man, when we were at the mall, I totally missed my pooportunity, and now I have to wait until I get home.
by KoBoington June 26, 2012
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The prime set of circumstances to allow you to poop in a public place without being noticed. Such as when someone in a neighboring stall flushes. Especially for someone with public poop anxiety.
As soon as Marcy heard the crapper flush in the next stall over, she seized the pooportunity and dropped a quick deuce.
by cootpoot January 06, 2015
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