242 definitions by Rachel

totally the awesomest, no lie
aw man rachel is beyond the bomb diggity
by rachel April 19, 2004
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Itis the style of your hair after having amazing sex
Usually messy and sticking up on end
Mark:Yo Man did u screw shelly last night?
Jeff:Yah how'd you know?
Mark: well dude.. you have total sex hair!
by Rachel April 02, 2005
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The showing off of breasts, exsessive amount of boob showing.
That movie had a shit load of boobage!
by Rachel April 15, 2004
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in simple terms , means THE DON
He become a faisal, the undisputed DON
by rachel April 17, 2004
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A pale faced, tall and very talented latenight talkshow host whom sould be dubbed the new king of comedy.
Conan is a comedic god.
by Rachel February 08, 2003
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1.) Someone is thining about you
2.) Someone wants to kiss you
Stop thinking about me.... youre making my nose itch
by RaCHeL December 06, 2003
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Preforming oral pleasure on a female; Getting on your hands and knees and pleasing a girl.
John Belisle was going down on her when his girlfriend walked in the room. She said it was worth it.
by Rachel December 14, 2002
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