242 definitions by Rachel

what the fuck?!
If people like this girl and think she rocks...then God help us all!!...
every single last one of us
ex.- s8ter boi
by rachel February 21, 2004
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comes from the japansese language, means something like "OH MY GOSH," an exclamation
"Oishi! I dropped my fork!"
by rachel March 05, 2005
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1-A person who can't understand the meaning of the words..shut the fuck up!!
2-A person who fooled me into thinking he was cool...I see the light now... and I want my 15 bucks back.
3-A person who can't hide his obbession with ripping off female clothing
1-Like I love you, Rock your body, Cry me a river, etc
2-getting too much fucking play on BET, you don't see Snoop on CMT do you?
3-Hasn't he ripped open enough shirts in his days...damn!
by rachel February 20, 2004
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An embarassing exposure that can be blamed on clothing.
No, Janet didn't flash the world on purpose. That was a costume malfunction.


Oh, my fly's down? What a costume malfunction.
by Rachel February 03, 2004
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