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n. To be fucked up in more ways than one.

n. An all-you-can-eat buffet of mental illnesses and victim statuses.

n. A collect 'n trade game of psychological disorders, like a modern day Pogs or Pokémon.
Like OMG, I'm just one identity badge away from getting my intersectionality index up to 10! I'm such a victimized minority underdog. Catch up with you guys at the safe space!
by Raccoon July 12, 2018

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(adj.) To be naked, specifically during spiritual ritual (pagan/wiccan).

Some believe that clothing interferes with the natural energies of magick, and that it brings you closer to the Earth.

source: paganwiccan.about.com
She sat there skyclad in sort of a trance, and didn't seem to notice us.

I want to dance skyclad under the
stars tonight.

We were fully skyclad and the moon was full, and we danced until dawn.
by Raccoon March 11, 2004

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/ah-THOHR-uhTAH/ n. An aggressive and "cool" form of self-proclaimed authority. Coined by the character Eric Cartman from the television series South Park to express his delusions of grandeur.
Respect my authorita!
by Raccoon April 05, 2006

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n. any pre-packaged frozen pizza with a tough thin crust of cardboard consistancy; can also refer to thicker pies with a similarly crappy crust.

a cardboard pizza can usually be identified by its cardboard backing.
"hey honey, throw a coardboard pizza in the oven and I'll get us a movie."
by Raccoon December 16, 2003

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enteropy is when
people can't
seem to type
for very
without pressing
the enter

it is
a leading cause of
signal to noise
in online
chat sessions
second only to
<Friend> hey man
<Friend> like
<Friend> i was wondering
<Friend> if you can help
<Friend> see
<Friend> i got this problem
<Friend> i cant seem
<Friend> to stop pressing
<Friend> enter
<Friend> help me
<Friend> please!
<You> DUDE! Would you lay off the enteropy?!
Think about what you're going to say before you press enter! :F
by Raccoon August 12, 2004

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RSA is a public key encryption algorithm invented in 1978 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman; and so is named after them.

Text or data is encrypted with one numeric key (or password) and decrypted with another. The person intending to receive the data generates a public and private key. The public key is shared with the sender (and anyone else who may intercept it), and the private key is kept secret with the receiver. Anyone may encrypt data with the public key, but only the private key may decrypt it.
(RSA can be used to secure communication over public channels without ever meeting the person you're speaking with.)
by Raccoon January 06, 2006

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An emoticon used to express the feeling of anger or frustration. Imagine :F representing someone saying the F* word, or Foaming at the mouth.
I can't take this anymore! :F

This is not my day. :F

Bite me! :F

Grrr. :F
by Raccoon August 14, 2004

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