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A very talented and insightful wood burn artist from Western Canada. Currently, she resides in Eastern Canada with her husband and wildly popular musician Joel Plaskett, for whom she designs and creates album artwork. Rebecca Kraatz is responsible for the endearing comic 'House of Sugar'.
My favourite thing that Rebecca Kraatz drew was a picture os a young man's face morphing into an older man's face.
by REginaSPEKTor April 20, 2008
A popular actress of the 1940s. Once married to Orson Welles and in another case a prince, Rita Hayworth has lived an exciting and glamourous life. Her film credits are extensive, and she has worked with many famous stars including Fred Astaire.
I loved the dance number with Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire!
by REginaSPEKTor April 20, 2008
A combination of the words 'true' and 'real'. This term can be applied to anything, so long as it is true and real in nature. This word has been used in the comic House of Sugar by Rebecca Kraatz, as the word is discovered by a girl during her first experience with acid.
"My best friend is treal. So is Jimi Hendrix."
by REginaSPEKTor April 23, 2008
The original rebel, movie star of the 1940s and late 1930s. He is one of the most underrated stars of all time, probably because he was blacklisted from film for supposed relations to communists.
James Dean has got nothing on John Garfield...Garfield was the ORIGINAL rebel.
by REginaSPEKTor April 19, 2008