Was an influential American film director, writer, and actor. Though he is most well known for his infamous 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast and his 1941 directoral debut Citizen Kane, considered by many to be the greatest film ever made, Welles has done far more than that.

Welles is often seen as a genius and one of the greatest filmmakers ever, yet, due to problems he had in Hollywood after the release of his first two films, Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons, he is also seen as a fallen giant and a commercial failure. Welles was also very overweight for the latter half of his life.
You know who is a great filmmaker? Orson Welles!

I feel more betrayed than Orson Welles after Hollywood butchered The Magnificent Ambersons.

Go on a diet you Orson!
by ShotgunAndy June 18, 2008
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The showman responsible for “Citizen Kane” (1941). His movies, interviews, and stories present an artist of enormous creativity and uncompromising personal vision. Though he was a child prodigy before becoming a theatrical/radio pioneer, he reached legendary status as a cinematic visionary. After “Kane,” he spent much of his life hustling the Hollywood system, fighting studio executives, being a glutton, travelling the world, appearing in commercials, narrating movies, acting, scrounging for money to direct low-budget works of cinematic brilliance, and leading a life that countless scholars, critics, directors, actors, students and movie lovers strive to fully grasp. Failing to do so, these individuals settle for the abundance of inspiration that one can draw from the enigma of Orson Welles.
Some of Orson Welles's finest movies are his lesser-known works: “The Trial” (1962), “Chimes at Midnight” (1965), and “F for Fake” (1974).
by beaucoupjosue January 27, 2009
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To drive though traffic as if you were driving an emergency ambulance, often because you are in a hurry.Film director Orson Welles used to drive from film set to film set in an emergency ambulance, because it was legal at the time and also it is simply faster.
Dude 1: Dude, the game starts in 10 minutes and you’re in the other end of town?!Dude 2: Yeah, but don't worry, I'll do an Orson Welles and be there in 5!
by Ali Zurt February 16, 2009
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Affectionately referred to as simply Orson Welles. A very influential American film director, writer, and actor who was also involved in theatre and radio. He is known for his infamous 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast and film, Citizen Kane (1941). Welles succumbed to obesity in his late years.

Oh, he was the voice actor for Unicron in the 1986 animation, "The Transformers: The Movie".
George Orson Welles wanted to play a god-like role before he died; he got to do the voice acting for Unicron -- enough said.
by Popocatapetl February 18, 2016
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