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Instant messenger that talks to most existing messengers, including yahoo, aim, and msn. seems to be great, but is actually spyware.
Zango is awesome.. too bad it is harmful to my computer!
by RAWRjosh May 07, 2007

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A person from California who moves to Idaho. The word comes from part of the names of each state. When used by an Idahoan native, it is usually derogatory.
i wish all the CaliHo's would go back home, they are turning all of our small towns into big cities.
by RAWRjosh May 10, 2007

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Really good phone service that is available in most areas. Unlimited txt messaging and unlimited minutes make it the best choice for most people. The one main downside is that most of the idiots who work for them are nothing but fly catchers.
I love my cricket cell phone. I can take it with me anywhere I go and count on it to work!
by RAWRjosh June 26, 2007

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another term for moron. they breath mainly through their mouths, and can become confused when trying to do more than one thing at a time. this includes talking while breathing.
the guy at the cricket store is such a fly catcher. he ignored me, and when he was listening he didnt get anything right.
by RAWRjosh June 26, 2007

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