1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade.
2. boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies.
3. 3GB of data from AT&T
"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I was going to look up directions but I just ran out of data on my unlimited plan with AT&T. Did I miss anything?"

"Nothing we just finished these 'all-can-eat-fries' and finally sang the last verse to the 'song that never ends'"
by Deathmug March 5, 2012
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In the context of computer data storage, or data transport costs:

Severely Limited.
XYZ Internet Services offers their Unlimited plan (*).
(*) Which will be limited to x Gigabytes six months after you subscribe.

Mozyhome online cloud data backup services offers our Unlimited plan (*).
(*) Which now is limited to 2 Gigabytes.
by JT The Super Greek February 2, 2011
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Something that has no limit, however for ONE TIME only
She got an unlimited Massage but she mistakenly thought that it meant multiple times when it really only meant once
by So_Smart_ and_funny August 10, 2009
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Describing an object or idea that someone has told you about as stupid or to say "Yeah, right." Pronounced "unlimided" with a "d" instead of a "t".
Person 1: "Aye, sahn, I made out with the health teacher last night. She's a goddess."

Person 2: "Das so unlimited!"
by swaggtoofreshandwhite June 4, 2011
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Marketing talk for Limitations apply.

Used by Internet and Telecom providers to advertise Internet plans etc as unlimited but with a limit such as speed throttling and or bandwidth limits the * indicates that terms and conditions apply these generally negate the word unlimited
by CoRDieS July 30, 2005
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If in the context of a Domino's Pizza promotional, UnlimiteD = 11.
"I want the large combo with UnlimiteD toppings."

"Very good, sir/ma'am. Please choose any 11 of our toppings."
by Citizen g November 18, 2006
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