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A masculine identifying lesbian; usually African American.
A handsome bulldagger leaned casually over the bar; those women she looked at blushed and smoothed their hair.
by R. July 10, 2003
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to get very drunk
We're going out on the razz.
by R. September 05, 2003
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1) To be in a dream state
2) To be 'out of it'
3) To be semi-conscious / unconscious
4) To be angered or shocked by something
5) To be under the influence of alcohol or other drug or art
"Man, I smoked like seven cones last night, I was phazed like a *"

"Man, don't call my Momma a slut, you trying to phaze me?"

"Man, my english lecture was so boring. The lecturor told me to wake up, I was completely phazed."
by r. May 12, 2004
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a lesbian who revels in displays of femininity NOT because she wants be someones bitch or someone's mom but because she is aware of and enjoys harnessing the power, strength and mysteries commonly associated with notions of femininity.
Jennifer Beals' character (Bette) on The L word. Xena, Warrior Princess. Lots of chicks in NYC
by R. February 01, 2004
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