1) To be in a dream state
2) To be 'out of it'
3) To be semi-conscious / unconscious
4) To be angered or shocked by something
5) To be under the influence of alcohol or other drug or art
"Man, I smoked like seven cones last night, I was phazed like a *"

"Man, don't call my Momma a slut, you trying to phaze me?"

"Man, my english lecture was so boring. The lecturor told me to wake up, I was completely phazed."
by r. May 12, 2004
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Really cringe or weird. Alternative non-homaphobic version of gay.
She is so phazed
That is phazed
by Murtttty April 05, 2019
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To remove status boosts by way of moves that force a switch, such as Roar, or Whirlwind; pseudo-hazing
You can't count on Reuniclus to be the last Poke and if Latias is at +6 and phazes you, you'll have a hard time.
by eddiefiv August 07, 2011
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Verb, insulting someone just for the sake of insulting them and to receive a reaction.
Check that girl, always straight tryin to phaze me because i got what she don't.
by Tokyn January 29, 2008
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The state of mind in which a person is when they are in complete amazement.(eyes become big, and speechless) Generally people "whos shits too weak" are always in this state.
My tactics in bed completely Phazed you.
by Mr. Herbie Handcock December 04, 2007
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1. A uber "noob" in the game of counter strike.
2. Also a common name for a womans private areas.
3. Term used when talking about a glah
1. Your a phaze, way to miss that afk
2. I tore my girlfriends phaze up. or Fight me you phaze.
3. Ray Ray, will you sit on my GLAH!!?
by Ray russo January 16, 2007
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failure, FAIL, FAIL-
I'm a real phaze- when it comes to japanese.
by phaze- October 11, 2003
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