6 definitions by QUAN

Shotgun. Because it is opened to load, it is known as a break-down.
Yo, Darnell got the trey-eight? Word, and Quan's loading the breakdown.
by QUAN August 17, 2004
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Term referring to awoman's breasts
That chick had some huge hoo haas
by QUAN February 28, 2005
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A male that is which intelligent, Very high sex appeal, and Also king like. HE is loved by many and has several haters. His mind can take him very far, he is creative and unique in everyday.Don't Push his buttons he often tends to beat the fuck out of people.Sex is Wonderful
Jaquan is a Greek God.
by QUAN March 4, 2015
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A super cool dad, everyone loves that dad
Man have you seen Rich, he's dad goals
by QUAN January 31, 2016
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most laid back person you will ever meet. Loyalty means everything. Has a great smile & loves being wierd
Tyeqwon has been there since day one n never switched up.
by QUAN March 7, 2015
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