Hard...Ass. Talking about a person who is either strong, hard, or a bad ass.
He's a haas. He's a mother fuckin haas

by Sharpley November 17, 2007
an informal nickname, used the same way as 'dude' 'man' 'buddy' etc.
'sup haas?

hows it going, haas?
by Johnnnnnnn T January 17, 2008
A particularly trustworthy and steadfast person. In memorium for Haas Cartwright.
Thanks for the dinner, Brad, you're a Haas!
by Ian MacDonald November 1, 2003
A female who likes to eat a lot, but is not necessarily overweight.

Can also be used in joking between friends, where "haas" replaces words like "fat ass".
Wow Cindy you ate that entire double bacon cheeseburger? You're such a haas!
by CNR October 31, 2007
the act of someone doing something that you are not quite sure what it is; having to do with cars; making something work and not knowing how
What is he doing?" "He is haasing
by megustantetas February 1, 2011
annoying last name, that usualy belongs to rich people, who think there good at everything, and try everything. Its all fun and games for them until the real world sets in.
Kevin Haas, what a haas, he has nicer cars than my parents
by TahoeMan98 February 23, 2005
friend says:you raggedy ass motherfucker........you respond: haa haa
by PHRASE giver December 24, 2013