8 definitions by Pyro Maniac

A devil to some (The britans), a good luck charm to others (the chinese), but to me, thier just badass.
Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You are Crunchy and Taste Good with Ketchup!
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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1. A famous constelation, Orions Belt ect.

2. The best rock Insturmental track ever created, by Metallica.
1. Oooh, its orion's belt.

2. Orion fucking rocks!
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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The redneck comedian. Truly a funny guy who created the "You Might be A Redneck" thing.
If your dad walks you to school cause your in the same grade, you might be a redneck.
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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1. Probably the best genre of music. Created by bands like Led Zepplin and Deep Purple, then revloutionized by 80's bands like Iron Maiden and METALLICA, and is still kept alive today by bands like Tool and Cradle of Filth. Basically, its pure anger turned into music.

2. A animated, adult-oriented film (u.s.) based on a french, Adult oriented Comic. It has gained a large cult following and, even spawned a crappy sequal, Heavy Metal 2000
1. Metallica is god.

2. Heavy metal is one of the only rated R american animated films ever.
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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1. First Peirce Brosnen bond film. It was ok, but Roger moore still owns Peirce.

2.Name of the uber-shitty opening theme of the Goldeneye movie.

3. Possibly the best consel FPS in existence. Devloped by Rare, it had an awesome single player and an addictive multiplayer mode. Rare eventually came up with a "sequal" to goldeneye, the badass Perfect Dark. The devlopment team of goldeneye left rare, became Free Radical, and created 2 games based on an improved goldeneye engine: Timesplitters, a half-way decent PS2 shooter, and Timesplitters 2, an exclent shooter that feels alot like goldeneye
1. Peirce Brosnen sucks

2. Goooldeneye, i have his weakness!!

3. Dood, lets go play goldeneye!
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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1. The oppiste of Micro, basically discribes something big.

2. In the furry fandom, macro is used to describe used to describe 50 ft^ anthros, like the kind you see in Rampage. Macro charectars are often used in Furry RPs, and theres a crapload of art based on the concept, It has really became a sub-fandom of the Furry fandom.
1. An event of macro proportions.

2. ROGUE is a macro wolf.
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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A song preformed by metallica on the south park movie soundtrack, when kenny goes to hell.
Hell isnt good, hell isnt good, HELL!!
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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