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The Next-Gen version of Goldeneye

Timesplitters 2 was created by Free Radical, which included members from the team that created the N64 masterpiece, so no doubt this game feels like Goldeneye.

Badass Game
Make sure you get the Gamecube or xbox version, that way you don't have to spend 20-30 dollars on a Multi-Tap, though it doesn't matter what version you get.
by B_MAN December 08, 2004
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This game is highly addictive. It features an epic story mode that tells a great story, with even greater challenges. There are so many great guns on this game it isn't even funny. There is a massively huge multiplayer mod with tons of crazy bots that are helluva tough(like MR. T)and awesomely funny. They also have a mapmaker were you can make your own multiplayer levels and story mode missions. It's extremely detailed and extremely easy so any idiot(like yourself)can pick up the controller and feel special. And there are more then 130 characters available, but you have to try to unlock them through the numerous(around more then 200)Challenge Mode and Arcade League which helps you become a Master at the game like me. And the graphics are very nice and there is no lag and blazing fast and realistic gun play.The sound and music is so great only few games are in it's legue for great music and sound effects.
Time Splitters 2 is the shiznit and Future Perfect will be even better. Since you get to drive cars, and get even more looney characters.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
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