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selfietards are Idiots who do stupid stupid! stupid!! STUPID!!! things to get a selfie!

Selfietards should should have their phones and cameras permanently confiscated for the safety and betterment of society.
watch?v=iuLydEkhGuo <-- an example of selfietards! (youtube link att it to the watch parameter in the url) (Idiot beach goes murdering a rare dolphin to take selfies)
by ProphetOfConfusion February 20, 2016
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A well deserved derogatory term for ritch people who claim the affluenca defence when doing some crime.

since affliienca is a kind of insanity plea
Person a) Did you hear the affluensa kids father Fred Couch got arrested for impersonating a police officer?
Person b) Fucking ritchtard!
Person a) yah his ex-wife got arrested for trying to drive somone of the roat too.
Person b) Fuck! the whole family is a bunch of fucking ritchtards!!!
by ProphetOfConfusion August 21, 2014
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What you do to undo a defilement after it has occurred.
Similarly a place can be filed at least according to be monks who worship the many gods of bureaucracy (why's names may not be uttered without first filing the right paper work in triplicate for each person who is to hear them)
Person a: Gasp! they have defined the bathroom most dreadfully
person b: urk! yeah someone left a stinker.. better have it refiled again since its currently defiled.
by ProphetOfConfusion July 7, 2017
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somewhat yandere like trait exclusive to catgirls where the crazy obsessed love struck catgirl insist on hunting and killing various pray items for the target of her obsession.

Wilder-beasts, Giraffes, T-Rexes, polar-bears cows or assorted cattle are likely pay items...

any attempt to convince the Nyandere character that these offerings are unwanted will simply be filtered out or taken as signs of hunger induced delirious prompting another hunting trip.

If the target of her obsession is vegetarian she will first attempt to convert or brain wash her target into right thinking.
Failing that she will find means to traverse the cosmos or alternative dimensions so she can find mobile predatory killer vegetables to hunt the more mutated and horrible and dangerous the better.
guy 1: i couldn't help noticing but eh.... what's up with the dead bear?
guy 2: "Nyandere" *buries his face in his hands slumped over*
*guy1 pats guy2 on the back*
catgirl: Hi honey i'm home! i brought munchies *carries a cartload of assorted animal corpses*
by ProphetOfConfusion October 15, 2018
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the silly for of quadruple... ideal when referring to a cute litter of 4 Poodle puppies
oh she had 4 of then how adorable quadrapuple!
by ProphetOfConfusion December 25, 2021
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Li-fi is a technique that uses LED light to transmit data. use of RGB Leds drastically increases the bandwidth which is already quite large.,..

It also solves the problem of nearby wi-fi zones interfering and limiting bandwidth and you can protect your li-fi network by simply closing the curtains :p
person a) what your wi-fi routers name?
person b) i use li-fi not wi-fi *point at the led sealing lamp*
by ProphetOfConfusion February 20, 2016
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grateful but greedy for more
person a) that cat sure likes being petted
person b) yeah he get annoyed if i stop
person a) ah he is very greedful
cat) good human slave keep petting your furry overlord Mya ha ha ha ha!....
by ProphetOfConfusion July 10, 2019
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