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When you see a free wi-fi connection, join the network but it makes you sign up to some bullshit or tries to charge you.
Hells yeah this place has free wifi.......
Nevermind, its just li-fi pretending to be free.
by KRUDDMANG February 04, 2016
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Li-fi is when you try and log onto a free wifi network but its bull cause its not actually free.
guy 1: yes! a free wifi network!!!
guy 2: nope, its just li-fi
guy 1: thats bulls**t
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by xtrakrispypie July 18, 2017
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A new piece of technology which allows internet connection to be transferred using light rather than radio waves, it is alot safer as it will not go through walls and so people who arent inside the house/place you are in cannot use it, the lights can be dimmed so much that the human eye cannot see it while still providing internet connection more stable and faster than wifi.
Derick "why cant i get on your wifi?"
Bob "we have lifi, you need to be inside, and not looking through my window"
by Mxcy September 05, 2016
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Light Fidelity

The upcoming new wireless technology used to transmit very high speed data using visible light communication. Super-fast alternative to Wi-Fi
Using Li-Fi is so much cheaper and faster than Wi-Fi
by Sweet_Devil September 06, 2016
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Li-fi is a technique that uses LED light to transmit data. use of RGB Leds drastically increases the bandwidth which is already quite large.,..

It also solves the problem of nearby wi-fi zones interfering and limiting bandwidth and you can protect your li-fi network by simply closing the curtains :p
person a) what your wi-fi routers name?
person b) i use li-fi not wi-fi *point at the led sealing lamp*
by ProphetOfConfusion September 06, 2016
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Stands for "Light Fidelity". Much faster then WiFi routers and whatnot, but it is not anywhere close to feasible yet.
Some companies were trying to implement LiFi.

Huh, I guess they blew $200,000 on Research and Development(R&D).
by wiubundobuntuos July 28, 2016
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