When you see a free wi-fi connection, join the network but it makes you sign up to some bullshit or tries to charge you.
Hells yeah this place has free wifi.......
Nevermind, its just li-fi pretending to be free.
by KRUDDMANG November 24, 2015
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Li-fi is when you try and log onto a free wifi network but its bull cause its not actually free.
guy 1: yes! a free wifi network!!!
guy 2: nope, its just li-fi
guy 1: thats bulls**t
by xtrakrispypie July 18, 2017
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Li-fi is a technique that uses LED light to transmit data. use of RGB Leds drastically increases the bandwidth which is already quite large.,..

It also solves the problem of nearby wi-fi zones interfering and limiting bandwidth and you can protect your li-fi network by simply closing the curtains :p
person a) what your wi-fi routers name?
person b) i use li-fi not wi-fi *point at the led sealing lamp*
by ProphetOfConfusion February 20, 2016
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Light Fidelity

The upcoming new wireless technology used to transmit very high speed data using visible light communication. Super-fast alternative to Wi-Fi
Using Li-Fi is so much cheaper and faster than Wi-Fi
by Sweet_Devil February 19, 2016
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