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A gossip or rumor someone needs to tell/knows about. Mostly used in Central America.
Carmen: Carlos dude! I have a chambre for you.
Carlos: More gossip? Carmen you really live for the chambre.
by Anonymous0202 February 24, 2010
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1:A room where the occupants have smoked too many cigarettes for too long, and non-smokers get a head rush entering it.
2: any area filled with cigarette smoke
Dude, this place is a fuckin chambre, can you open a window before i barf?
by gavinpm December 13, 2005
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1) In French a bedroom.

2) A British person with a peadophilic mind
1) C'est la chambré

2) Oh look at that Chambré!!! Quick, hide lil' Teddy in the back of the van!
by Nomceasaurus HDMrex January 27, 2018
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