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A cryptocurrency that was largely determined to operate as a Ponzi scheme, reaching a high of about $435 in value during its peak, and hitting a low of $0.89 as of today. Bitconnect has a lending platform with promises of returns that are generally regarded as unsustainable, causing people to argue that the returns are merely based on new funding put into the platform rather than the actual generation of profit. Suspiciously, the founders of this platform are anonymous. The SEC and possibly other U.S. government agencies are investigating this cryptocurrency.
Carlos: "It's a scam!"


John: "I just lost my life savings in Bitconnect."
by Prankster May 18, 2018
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Bitconnect is a place where you can view the current worth of crypto currency
hey, I just checked out bitconnect and man, dogecoin is like the new bitcoin. One dogecoin only costs $1. Now I can pay off that Super Bowl bet Debt with Steve. *flips off Steve*
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by 420Spagett666toucher69 May 08, 2018
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bit connect A website or app that gives you free bitcoins
Bit connect Sign up now for free and get your bitcoins sponsored guruaid
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by Mllgg 122 May 20, 2018
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