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1. To scream at someone across the street that you want an ice cream cone.

2. To accidentally shoot someone with a turkey gun, therefore causing massive phallic orange juice with horse viagra.
1. some fag was raggling my neighbor yesterday

2. it was an accident! i raggled him!
by Pooty__Toot March 13, 2008
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used by FPS game map designers to indicate a room lockable on the inside by a switch of some sort. also known as a noob house.
invented on the PS2 game Timesplitters 3.
map designer 2:theres a burgedurga right on the third story, either take it out, or this wont be suitable for online play!
map designer 1:oh, fine...
by Pooty__Toot March 19, 2008
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A day when your morning wood remains until bedtime. A very persistant erection that hurts and interferes with your ability to have a nice day, often caused by a long night masturbating or having sex. This can also be caused by, but less commonly, shoving a long object through the urethra.
Boss: You seem a bit irritated today - whats wrong?
Worker: Im just kinda having a bad boner day, sir.
by Pooty__Toot April 2, 2008
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Acronym standing for LUMPY OVERCOAT LARD to describe a fat drug dealer in an overcoat.
Yo I bought this shit from that LOL across thee street.
by Pooty__Toot March 23, 2008
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1. extremely powerful viagra

2. viagra for horses
1. That was one helluva big erection, this stuff is horse viagra.

2. farmer: Okay Bobby, I just fed you some horse viagra! Now you go show off your new and improved willy to the rest of them horsies!
by Pooty__Toot March 15, 2008
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short for LOL (Luckily i pooped my Oversized pants, Lord)
yo sup man i pooted in ur man dood!
ludder rudder!
by Pooty__Toot March 29, 2008
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