A common greeting between two niggers

However if a white person uses the exact same
phrase when greeting a nigger, they are highly

1st. Nigger: Yo Sup Nigga?

2nd. Nigger: Hey Bro, Sup wit you nigga?
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 11, 2008
1. A greeting 2. Hello
Whitey: Hello, and how are you this fine morining sir?

Tyrone: sup yo?
by Tyrone June 4, 2002
Used to initiate conversation with your close friends. Usually followed by "BITCH" or something of the likes, it is a very useable phrase.
BOB: Sup, yo? Bitch? Wat up nigga?
FRED: Call me Bitch again and i'll break ur face!
by not your mum October 6, 2006
wuts up
hey sup yo
by Shaida September 20, 2003
Macy Gray parodied to be presumabley high in Scary Movie 3
(Macy Gray Enters)
Macy Gray: Yo homeyz, sup!?
by Anonymous November 7, 2003