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Softcore pimp - (n) - defined previously.

Hardcore pimp - (n) - a pimp who has risen spiritually and emotionally above his peers who claim to be "pimps." A hardcore pimp is the epitome of pimpiness - his wields the pimp field with frightening alacrity, accuracy, and ardor. He has no use for these so-called "hoes", or female prostitutes. He ordains himself with few ornaments, often preferring a feather and simple robes. They value life as a whole on this world, respect what is natural, and seek to improve humanity. The weapon he wields is the pimp cane, which is used often by softcore pimps who use it to bother his "hoes" or other people. Those trained in its use can channel the pimp force. In addition, when used for self defense allow a hardcore pimp to defend with such skill that few weapons, short of modern warfare, and penetrate his weave. For a softcore pimp to advance to a hardcore pimp requires concentration, wisdom, foresight, and compassion. The process takes years, often under the training of a Master Pimp.

The hardcore pimp is well educated, often with a Doctoral in Philosophy, English, or the arts.

The most common objects that he pimps are chairs, houseplants, and windows. These are easy to pimp and are ubiquitous, serving as a well from which he can draw the pimp force to use against runaway softcore pimps.

While I have used "he" here, it is used as a gender-neutral pronoun. There are as many female hardcore pimps as male hardcore pimps.

I challenge you to become a hardcore pimp - to seek knowledge and learn - to cultivate morality - to find your life's destiny - to be the person that you were meant to be.
He's not a hardcore pimp, I believe. He "pimps" his "hoes" and places himself above others.

Hardcore pimps use their powers for what is right in this world - what makes a difference - what needs to be addressed.
by Pimp Daddy O January 30, 2004
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An essential tool to the hardcore pimp, while a mere prop for softcore pimps. Hardcore pimps usually tip their canes with gold, an element conducive to manipulation of the pimp field. Unfortunately, softcore pimps think themselves as "above" this and use their wealth to completely plate their cane with gold, or create gold canes outright. This serves no purpose but to cause greater differentiated wealth distribution and suffering in the world. Hardcore pimps understand this, and do only what is necessary to use the pimp force to maintain good and balance in society.

Average dimensions measure 3 feet tall x 2 inches wide x 2 inches deep.

Usually made from a special wood-metal alloy that only hardcore pimps know how to make. Softcore pimps substitute with valuable metals such as platinum or gold.
"Never use your pimp cane to smack that azz!" - Pimp Mommy A
by Pimp Daddy O February 3, 2004
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A hardcore pimp can generate a pimp field, an incredible invisible field similar to magnetic fields but much stronger. The strength of these fields vary with the power of the pimp.

Generation of a pimp field is automatic and does not require any effort from the hardcore pimp.

While automatic, the pimp field is exponentially proportional to the pimp's skill, mental acuity, contentment, and spirit. It decreases directly proportionally to the amount of softcore actions that they commit (pimping "hoes", gaining wealth, moral decay)

Master hardcore pimps have been known to generate pimp fields that extend from pole to pole on the Earth.
Shiznit! The hardcore pimp got one tight-ass pimpin' pimp field! Ain't no superman gonna fly through it!
by Pimp Daddy O February 3, 2004
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