8 definitions by PigIA

OwO is a word most commonly said by people in the furry community.
FurryOwOKittenFurry: OwO
by PigIA December 25, 2019
Can I get something from the goodie closet?”
by PigIA September 1, 2020
A seed in Minecraft that will give you the seed "0". This world is known for being glitched.
Person 1: "What seed do you want me to have for my minecraft world?"
Person 2: "Creashaks Organzine"
by PigIA January 13, 2021
A land created by Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, and TommyInnit after getting kicked out of (L')Manburg.
Jschlatt: Where is Pogtopia?
Quackity: I don't know
by PigIA September 23, 2020
Formally known as L'Manburg, Manburg is a dictatorship ran by the great emperor Jschlatt. Manburg shuns all of it's founders and has no regard for history. Truley a great place
Wilbur Soot: I need to get back to L'Manburg
by PigIA September 23, 2020
“Hey Josh, URAB”
“Huh... I have black and yellow stripes and a stinger. I guess you’re right...”
by PigIA November 5, 2020