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A totally cool and rad El Doodarino that everyone likes and secretly wants to be ... :)
"Hey .. See that totally cool and El Doodarino looking smoothie over there .. He's totally and utterly PiffChuck man!".
by PiffChuck June 13, 2003
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Deriving from the words SCR and OTEL which in swahili mean Lee and Sharples
To say Lee Sharples is a scrotel is a total understatement .
by PiffChuck June 24, 2004
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A really ugly woman .. Be it fat or just plain ugly , That smells of mushrooms
Oh My GOD .. Have you seen that fat ugly woman over there that smells like mushrooms , What a MingStool she is
by PiffChuck July 17, 2003
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A word that a person such as myself uses to trey and get a google whack ;)
SkullPoppingFunkSpunks dood I will be fucking amazed if this get's a google whack
by PiffChuck March 19, 2004
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A freak on a bike ..
Look at that Matt Grindrod on his push iron .. He's a real fucking Frike
by PiffChuck July 16, 2003
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My friend Marvin is a Doudexteroxicatosiswankerist he wanks with both hands and feels like hes having a twosome .. He has bad breath too :)
by PiffChuck May 30, 2003
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