Really good weed. Like the type of shit you smoke that make you balls/clit QUIVER. you’ll be higher then the expectation you’re stupid ex has for you.
Dealer: this is some good za !
Whatever tf your name is: oh shittttt
by guacamole n word :) January 19, 2020
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A Chicago term use to describe top shelf exotic indoor weed. The word "Za" comes from the word "Exotic".
who got an 8th of za we can grab off of?
by DamianAleksander March 13, 2020
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a way for lazy-ass kids with restless leg syndrome to say pizza.
yo bro, i can't get up and say pizza so i'm going to say "za".
by Fandangoooooooo August 25, 2006
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Person 1: I could use some za.

Person 2: That's what I was thinking bro.
by NeonGhost March 1, 2014
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1. Expression of complete and utter confusion/lack of understanding.

2. To express or show one's lack of interest.
Teacher: So theoretically, you can't square the differential on the y-axis. Understand Jimmy?
Jimmy: Za?
by Robbie_27 November 17, 2005
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short for lasagna
not to be confused with "Suh"

source; James franco
Lasagna, luh-ZA-ña, ZA-ña, "ZA"
by PieCrustEater July 14, 2020
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To use a lemon for sexual pleasure (also see 'Wa' and 'Waza')
Why spice up your love life when you can zing it up

"I think we should zing up our love life with Za tonight"

Person 1: "Let's Za"
Person 2: "Okay. Have you got any lemons?"
by wainfanator November 29, 2013
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