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What you say when something goes horribly, horribly wrong.
My arm fell off.


by PhoenixJ July 21, 2006

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A popular website and computer program that enlarges images and exports them to a PDF, which you can print out, tape together, and hang up like a poster.
Meloncat? Pop it into the rasterbator and hang it up on that doorway!
by PhoenixJ October 23, 2005

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A phrase similar to lollerskates and roflcopter, using the acronym STFU (shut the fuck up)
(Everybody stops talking and stares at John like he is a lunatic)
by PhoenixJ February 03, 2005

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A splash end page is a splash page for a website that has no apparent way to enter into the main part of the site. Comes from the phrases Splashpage and Dead end
"I went to your website, but it just opened up a splash end page."
"Haha. Are you stupid or something? All you need to do to get in is double right click the top left corner of the screen and type in the year that my cousin Frank was born in, then navigate through the maze and save the princess. Duh."
by PhoenixJ September 01, 2005

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A ninja that hails from the interweb and is more awesome than a normal ninja ever could be.
zomg it r ninjers!!!!!11
by PhoenixJ May 19, 2007

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Common typo of 'every one'
Every one forgets to put a space in everyone
by PhoenixJ October 23, 2005

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