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The american chinegres baseball league was founded in 1932 by Bing Bong Pong Abdul Jabar. The league was a professional baseball league for Chinese-African American players. This league was used to get Chinese-African Americans in to pro leagues during racist Jim Crow laws. The league was later disbanded in 1936 due to lack of enough Chinese-African Americans. During these times Chinese and Africans weren't allowed to legally be married until 1948.
Jackie Chan was is the all time hit leader in the american chinegres baseball league.
by PhillipD33zNutZ May 17, 2019
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The act of depositing semen into a bank pneumatic tube such as one would with money. Frowned upon by most states but may illegal some states in the United States of America.
News Report: Local pervert caught and arrested Tuesday morning for depositing cum in a local Arlington Bank of America.
by PhillipD33zNutZ August 28, 2018
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When one sexual partner ejaculates into a churro. The partner then puts in the other partners vagina or rectum. The partner with the churro in their vagina or rectum then eats the churro.
Did you hear Jose gave his girlfriend a Mexican creampie.
by PhillipD33zNutZ March 23, 2018
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Like regular spiderman except way shittier and poorer. And his girlfriend's name is Maria Juanna or some shit.
Jose did you see that episode of mexican spiderman last night?
by PhillipD33zNutZ March 14, 2018
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Mexican superman is Mexican man that mows your lawn, rakes your lard, takes your trash out, all the typical Mexican shit, etc. He is basically superman except Mexican. Surprisingly he is not poorer than regular super man despite being way shittier and way more Mexican than super man. Instead of kryptonite being his weakness Mexican Superman weakness is paying taxes.
Rafael Rivas is a Mexican Superman. I keep him down by making pay my taxes.
by PhillipD33zNutZ April 24, 2020
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