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A term used to express extreme distaste and anger towards someone of low competence. (Especially when the person is a moronic, cliche douchebag)
Tyler: Hey, dude. Tell your mom I said "hi."
Phil: Shut the hell up. I'll eat your fuckin' kids.
by Phildo January 21, 2005
A musical genre that is basically a "grab-bag" of very different styles of Rock that because very popular in the mid-90's. The genre is totally useless. If you're going to put shit like Nickleback or (post 80's) Metallica into the same genre with great bands like Tool or Fuel, then why even bother catagorizing in the first place?
Mike: So what kinda' music do you like?
Fred: Mostly alternative rock stuff.
Mike: Oh, cool. So you like Local H and Tool too?
Fred: Actually, I was talking about Puddle of Mudd.
Mike: ... Fuck you.
by Phildo January 21, 2005
Hella adv., adj, 1. (adj.) a lot of, many, much. 2. (adv.) Very, extremely, in large quantity. (Also: helluv) Etym., combination of "hell" and "of", San Francisco
"There's hella candy in the cabinet."
"That girl is hella fine."
"That car is hella fast."
by Phildo October 28, 2003
1. Basically the pop culture equivalent of a comma.

2. A word that can be used as every single response in a conversation.
1. I was at the mall the other day dude and there was this hot chick and I was like dude so I went up to her and dude I was like... dude...

2. Guy 1: Wanna go play Halo 2?
Guy 2: Dude.

Guy 1: I failed my history exam...
Guy 2: Dude.

Guy 1: I'm going to fuck your mom and shit on your unborn children.
Guy 2: Dude.
by Phildo January 21, 2005
An ALTERNATIVE (not NuMetal you fucknuts) Metal band. With frontman David Draiman, their songs are about the pain of your internal demons and standing up against those who make you feel like shit. (btw: NuMetal is a shitty 90's excuse for rapcore. Typical characteristics include (ofcourse) rap, downtuned guitars, self-righteousness, bitching, and materialism. Like System of a Down, Disturbed incorporate NONE of these aspects on a regular basis.)
1: Hey, did you know there's a new Disturbed album coming out this spring?
2: Yeah, they're my favorite numetal band since Slipknot and KoRn!
1: *Stabs 2 in the face and pisses on him*
by Phildo January 23, 2005