4 definitions by Phartistics

The weeb of overwatch. Has a very hot ass. People who main genji are usually weebs themselves
Person 1: Yoooo did you know jenna was a genji main?

Person 2: Well she is a fucking weeb herself
by Phartistics January 15, 2017
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An edgy teen who loves death and is supposed to be dead. He doesn't know how to reload so he just drops his empty guns and pulls out a new pair from his jacket. He also ALWAYS gets POTG on OW for pressing Q. Listens to heavy metal and only wears black.
"DIE...DIE...DIE, " says reaper the edge lord of overwatch
by Phartistics January 30, 2017
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To be angered or triggered by something.
The way that lady gave me attitude got me so moist.

The way we performed at that concert made me extra moist.
by Phartistics May 30, 2017
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