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refers to a citizen on Flint, MI. life of a toid is a downward spiral and a wasteland.
That fuckin' toid is eating the cat litter out of the toter again.
by Stan McKay March 26, 2003
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Short for Altoids the originaly celebrated curiously strong mint.
"Babe, your breath is rank, pop a toid!
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
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A name given to a jackass from new york who cant say the words like "thirty" and say it whith a stupidass accent like "toidy".
"Hey that dumbass said toidy-toid street is there even such a street?
by Cockmasterkung February 10, 2010
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someone who is not worthy (smart) enough to be a retard or tard
derived from the last party of altoid
they are very stupid and should be called a toid as much as possible
naraya- ok jordyn ur thing on the underground railroad is all wrong
naraya- it was to help slaves escape not to keep them captive and harriet tubman was not a criminal she was a hero.
jordyn n - nuh uh ! omgosh i didnt know that hahaahahahh really wait nuh uh that is so right naraya i did the research
naraya- shutup thunder thighs ur thee biggest toid i have evenr known
by Naraya Subramanian April 06, 2008
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1 Short for deltoid. Kind of like how a"ab' is short for abdominal.
2 Turd. Yes another word for poop, but with a Brooklyn twist.
1 Dude, my toids got a huge workout today! You've got some nice toids on your shoulder there.
2 John, your such a toid.
by penguintape August 15, 2010
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A work for the female genitatla. Simialr to Poonanie and poonan
"oh man my toid is itchy"

"shes upset cuz she couldn't get the tampon up her toid"
by ve03h May 03, 2005
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