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An amazing person that is so cool they make the haters jealous.
You are an eve nig apple
by Person August 13, 2017
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Using knowledge of how to commit harm for your own ends.

Warps the mind of the perpetrator.
by Person May 18, 2004
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crappy food soaked in oil from mcdonalds or burger king that has fake smell juice on it.
Lets go get some heart-clogging fast food.
by Person October 13, 2003
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best school in the world. Arts program is very good. Sr.Pat is the greatest. Students can be depended on to make great successes of themselves
-teachers are very qualified
-students can be intelligent
-the wierder one lets one's self become the better your time in high school will be
by Person April 10, 2005
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a term for an easy girl who sleeps around. called a door knob because everyone gets a turn
yo that chick is a door knob dont wife that
by Person December 10, 2003
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A drill sgt i had when i went to basic trainning he was a bad ass he was an airborne ranger and didnt take shit from no one LOL if i would have known this before boot camp i would have never stopped laughing whne he scram at us.
drill sgt du bois ( ROFL LOL HA HA HA) said we have to go clean the toilets ( du bois ROFL )
by Person June 24, 2003
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Period in a persons life where he/she does his/her noblest deeds in life. Used especially in World War I and II, where thousands of soldiers answered their call of duty to their country. Is not used when acts are not "noble" or are inherently evil.
Thousands of Allied soldiers answered their country's call. In battle, it was their finest hour.
by Person March 21, 2005
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