states you might fly over during a plane ride from the east to west coast of the U.S.A. generally the midwest. a flyover has the characteristics of an 'average joe.'
los angeles citizen #1: "i hear dillon watches that show "seventh heaven"..
los angeles citizen #2: "wow. what a flyover.."
by gracieeee August 1, 2007
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A slang term for those unimportant people whose opinions do not matter because they do not live on one of the coasts. Common condescending comment by those not living in Boston to DC belt or Seattle to San Diego Strip.
Hillary Clinton on defending her husband Bill for not being in the the service during the Vietnam war. "The only people who died in Vietnam were flyovers so no great loss."
by OldWordsMan July 30, 2016
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Who cares what people in Montana think? They are just a bunch of flyovers.
by Pepper March 15, 2004
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A person from the West Coast of the US who is in the East Coast, for whatever reason, or vise versa. Often finds him/herself a fish out of water.
by FourCart May 21, 2011
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The middle class Midwest that is typically "flown over" by scheduled airlines in their hops between their major hubs. The bounds of flyover country vary from urbanite to urbanite. People from Chicago tend to think it runs from the Mississippi River to the Rockies (and also Indiana). Bay Area, it's the San Joaquin Valley east to Chicago. New York, it's anything that is not within an hour's drive of The City.
Ray's nightmare came true: His plane made an emergency landing in Tulsa, the capital of flyover country, and his New York accent got him beaten by the locals.
by dw September 1, 2003
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In the United States, a "flyover state" is one that most Americans see only from the window of an airplane as they fly back and forth between the country's major east and west coast cities, like New York and Los Angeles. These states find themselves like this mainly because they're landlocked, have rather small populations, and lack many interesting attractions.

The term is generally used perjoratively by the aforementioned coastal-dwellers, with the implication that the residents of those states are somehow less cultured and educated. Nevertheless, the people who do live there often wear the designation as a badge of pride, especially since they often see themselves as more honest and hardworking than their snobbish critics. Political divisions also play a part, due to the fact that most of the states generally considered to be in "flyover country" are more conservative than the others, and hold significant sway in national elections.

Definitions of which states are and aren't "flyover" ones vary, but the strictest definition usually encompasses everything west of Chicago and east of Las Vegas. There are of course exceptions, with cities like Dallas, Phoenix, Kansas City, and Denver being just as cosmopolitan as any other. Other times, "flyover land" might include everything between the Appalachians and Sierra Nevadas, or even the Hudson River and San Gabriel Mountains. But usually, states like New Mexico, Kansas and Iowa are always included, to name a few.
- Nebraska is a flyover state; I've only seen it whenever I fly out to California and look out the window! It must be so sad to have to live there!

- I'm from Nebraska, and while it's a flyover state and might be kind of boring, the people are nicer, there's less crime, and life is a whole lot simpler!
by DefinementTapes April 19, 2015
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A pejorative term used by residents of either coast to refer to all US states that do not border an ocean, particularly those in the Midwest.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "Chicago.
Person 1: "Where the hell is that? Is it a foreign country like Africa or something?"
Person 2: "No, it's in the US."
Person 1: "What state? Probably some lame state like East Dakota or Toronto or Mt. Rushmore."
Person 2: "Illinois actually."
Person 1: "AHAHAHAHAHA LOOOOOOSER! It must suck ass living in the flyover states! Picking corn and milking cows and going to pig shows and shit. Your life sounds terrible."
Person 2: "Yeah...where are you from?"
Person 1: "Stockton, beeotch. Eat that."
Person 2: "Where is that?"
Person 1: "Um, hello, California, duh."
Person 2: "Oh that place. I remember seeing it in a Most Depressing Cities in the US article. Must be awesome sitting in front of your foreclosed mobile home watching Teen Mom reruns on an old black and white TV, wishing you'd catch a break and get cast in the next season, all while trying not to get shot."
Person 1: "Yeah, it is awesome."
by Nicholas D January 19, 2012
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