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An anime made by Gainax (people who made eva). Maybe one of the most misunderstood animes (just because people find it so damn confusing)but is maybe one of the best as well.

FLCL is about a 12 year-old boy named Naota who trys to act like an adult but in the end, you can tell he's just immature. A woman named Haruhara Haruko runs him over with her vespa motorbike and bashes him in the head with a guitar, witch eventually starts making really weird things pop outa his head.

The anime includes giant robots, weird things poping outa kids' heads (it's not only naota) extremely rare guitars, panties and (to the untrained eye) just pain random shit.
"So Stacy, you goin to A-con?"
"Ya, I'm going as Haruko!"
"ZOMG! FLCL ROCKS!!!!!111"
by Canti, Lord of Black Flame August 11, 2005
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abbreviation for wordfooly cooly which is an Americanized translation of wordfuri kuri. Title of an anime mini-series of six half-hour episodes about a boy hitting puberty only to find puberty hitting back...either with a Vespa scooter or a chainsaw-powered guitar. The boy Naota has to deal with an absentee older brother (baseball player in the US) whom he worships, a dad obsessed with manga/anime whom he despises, the 17-yr-old ex-girlfriend of his brother's that flirts with him a little tooooo eagerly, and a possible alien female who moves in as a housemaid but really works constantly to knock battle robots out of Naota's head. Add a robot called Canti that has to eat Naota in order to gain superpowers to battle evil robots, a factory without workers overshadowing the town that's shaped like a steam iron, a secret government force led by a man with the worst fake eyebrows in the history of animation, and a kick-ass pop-rock song "Ride On Shooting Star" by the Pillows and you've got a ready-made cult classic.
flcl? What the f-ck? I've watched it twice and I just barely understand the theological implications of Canti being a angelic Christ figure, but still...what's with the spicy curry?
by Paul Wartenberg August 21, 2003
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Possibly the craziest, most whacked out anime ever, it features a young boy going through puberty, a robor, pervs, secret government organizations, and many, many, many references to other pop-culture "things," such as, but not limited to: South Park, girly animes, indian food, scandalous officials, and the paparazi. It also has some great tunes by the pillows, a j-rock band, as well as some kick-ass action scenes. Robots fly out of a kid's head.
Naota: I'm going to school!
Haruko: Are you joking? I need another robot! Let me go get my guitar...
by DesZebre February 07, 2005
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1. Supposedly the Japanese onomatopea for the sound of feeling a woman's breasts.

2. The abbreviation for the American title of the show, Fooly Cooly. It is also known as Furi kuri.

3. A Japanime dealing with the pressures of maturity and coming into adolescence from childhood. It depicts the troubles a child faces from adolescence and normal life, but through the lens of a team of extremely distorted artists and producers. It is six episodes in length.
1. Come over here and let me get fooly cooly with you, bitch.

2. I watched FLCL and cried because it was so incredibly confusing.
by Shifty Eyed Goat August 09, 2003
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A short-lived anime(8/1/03-8/13/03)known for its crazy and confusing plot and these characters:

Naota Nandaba-a stubborn 12 year old boy who didn't see a loss of his innocence coming

Mamimi Samejima-a 17 year old girl who fondled and sweet-talked the crap out of Naota and screamed sexual frustration when her old boyfriend went off her radar.

Eri Ninamori-a rather communistic dominatrix who came close to making Naota her cat and herself the owner(in a sexual way)but gave it up

Haruko Haruhara-a 20-ish alien girl known to have whacked Naota silly with a bass guitar in search of a portal and caused citywide accidents with her Vespa

Amarao-the boss of some Earth protection agency and a real jerk with the ladies

Kitsurubami-a female officer of Amarao's agency who keep resisting Amarao's fakish charms in a "no means no!" way

Canti-a crazy robot that came out of Naota's head and became "the person of the future", even when the Atomsk comes around and is portrayed as an idol of Mamimi's worship

Kamon Nandaba-an old coot on Viagra and desperate for Haruko, is the father of Naota

Shigekuni Nandaba-a less frequent guest, he is the grandfather of Naota which does nothing but sit around and relive his good old days

Takun-Mamimi's subversive name for Naota, her black cat and almost every little thing that comes her way

Masashi and Gaku-Naota's friends and crazy cynicalists at large(Gaku sometimes get into Naota's face and accuses him of doing the fooly cooly and Naota had no knowledge of it)

Miya-Jun Miyaji Junko-Naota's teacher which has a personality that scares whatever it is inside of you

A japanese term for rubbing the woman's breasts

Yo!, last night I fooly cooly this woman and I got a mace to my face and a free night behind the slammer!

Flcl was a great show that the entire population of Baychester left town and went to Mabase, Japan.

by Jose Gomez June 20, 2006
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