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Its a computer device that is portable and replaced the desktop computer many years ago. Especially popular for gaming, work and internet search and use.
Who ever invented the name laptop ruined in person sex and bras lingeri for me from about the year 2011
by Patrick the Starfish001 January 3, 2023
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When a person wants to speak and or use vocabulary an a person has already said the phrase, the the phrase has not been expected to be said and a person doesn't want to say it or where saying something has a mixture of desirable and undesirable reactions
That person doesn't participate in certain conversations because of stunted vocabulary. Particularly regarding prejudicial topics.
by Patrick the Starfish001 October 14, 2023
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supposed to be like pre exams for high school students however after work and university when the banks and financial services stop working and a variety of businesses and corporations ask for trial fees to test out there software where there's no way to pay with broken banking and financial services.
"Did you register for the trials applications?" "No becasue the banking and financial services are retarded anf I don't want to link a visa and master card that doesn't work.
by Patrick the Starfish001 September 12, 2023
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When a incorrect passphrase is given in reprocessing to an incorrect query and the issue and or problem is not resolved correctly and the knowledge and or expertise is not there and or or available because there's too much information, not enough information, no iterative and or progressive formation to the information.
Every time I try and make financial and or banking corrections or coding corrections I am unable to bypass the systems currently in place and the convenient errors and or unknown programming/coding language requirements are not assisting myself and or the person receiving the query from allowing me to complete the relevant tasks. I am just going through iterations of repositories and diagrams and the tools are not progressively designed to allow me to see what I am doing from a practical perspective. Its not interactive enough. Then keeps trying to charge me where the charge cards won't allow billables.
by Patrick the Starfish001 September 2, 2023
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A conversational discrepancy while unemployed and or not receiving a salary to make deductions from that occurs every attempt to make fee payment request to a parent or friend and or during a job interview with a potential employer and or trying and justify not having a job due to failures and or inadequacies. Usually involves raised voices and sometimes physical contact. In the less evolved and or poorer societies sometimes leads to one and or the other dying through some type of unsolicited rage and is labeled domestic violence in certain law enforcement agencies police reports and or files for one example and then the other person has to get arrested and or go to jail with some type of manslaughter sentence for a certain duration of years and sometimes multiple years after some low grade detective is supposed to followup on a missing persons report. Otherwise generally arguments are found in programming languages however have more to do with system arguments rather than human conversation text and more to do system, programming and handling errors, mostly jargon and difficult to label in intellisense in the ide for solutions and pops out for sde as a programming coding error and or bug reporting error where not all the coding end points are defined and or the specific plugin fixes and requires some sort of patch job. Some educational institutions create debates. Generally avoided
I don't want to get into an arguement over "insert sensitive topic and or subject word here" because this is the solution "insert solution" said no one ever.
by Patrick the Starfish001 August 12, 2023
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After university and previous previous employers and current parents and society work together to lock the banking services where its impossible to spend money a bank unlocking employer is required prior to restarting future university studies and the next potential employer where lawyer fees are required to begin receiving a salary for work purposes.
I didn't get hired by a bank unlocking employer for so long the bank never unlocked after locking due to miss intent. Now I wait for a bank unlocking employer to fix the bank unless a type of payroll system is administered?
by Patrick the Starfish001 June 2, 2023
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When an advertisement is of little and or no value to the recipient of the receiver of the advertisements.
The devalued advertisements were not worth the device they were being shown on.
by Patrick the Starfish001 October 14, 2023
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