A sport in which sportsmen on modified bicycles attempt to navigate over and across a variety of obstacles, from rocks to cars, using a combination and variation of moves, such as bunny hops, endos and pedal kicks.

The standard Trials bike has is strong, and more importantly light, with sharp brakes, bomb-proof wheels and a low frame with with bars for maximum manouverabilty.

Trials is the only true bike sport, and Trials riders are elite to other sell-out bikers like BMXers and other fags who hang around on the streets these days, getting in our way.
Wow, did you see that guy with the small seat hop over that house?!
by A Trials Rider November 25, 2003
In graal terms - a temporary account that gets reset on every log off.
"A trial account is only a temporary account so you can see what it's like."
by Omini November 16, 2005
What one should yell before delivering a kick to a person's crotch.
'Trial of the dragon!'
*crotch kick*
by Dr.McLovin November 8, 2010
When you are about to blow a brutal kick to the crotch, the more proper way is to scream it. The yell to this kick is more commonly used for males, but can also be used on females. (A practice of trial of the dragon shown on the gif)
by blastsupernova October 13, 2015
A college or high school club offered to those tough, dedicated , and intelligent indivisuals who like a bit of a challenge. For the most part, it is a club where one participates in a fake case as either an attorney or witness. It is extremely time consuming , exhausting, but all the while worth it to those awesome enough to handle it.
I'm in mock trial, I have no free time.

I've been in mock trial for the pass 4 years and can kick your ass to china with my awesome skills.
by Kianikai June 22, 2006
When one of your friends from a group of 16 friends gets murdered and 3 people discover the body, a hot girl controlling a godly powerful mechanical bear will appear out of nowhere, give you a 'monokuma file' and force you to do a class trial after a few hours.

In the class trial you will guess who the murderer is (it can't be the bear) and force the bear to execute the murderer (aka, 'blackened')
We just found this body of our friend who was in our 16 people friend group and now we have to do a class trial *sighs*
by Biakuya ToGAMER September 27, 2020
Where 15 or less students find the murdered (aka 'blackened)
In a few hours, the CLASS TRIAL will begin
by Biakuya ToGAMER September 27, 2020