A voucher that's used to upload money on your phone in order to make phone calls, send messages, use internet on your phone etc. The word “airtime” is most commonly used in South Africa.
I can't make any phone calls, I don't have airtime.
I would like to buy some airtime please.
by owen123 November 18, 2013
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One says something to someone else and they blank the person.
Kabir: ay Joesph, u ayt?
someone random:airtime
by mrhellomr March 5, 2008
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when you get aired for a long time in text
"you wanna link up then?" -11:46

"airtime is long icl" -14:14
by iamjosemourinho May 15, 2022
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Occuring at each opportunity given often always each time all the time whenever
Airtime you come in my office you leave the door open!
by propain82 August 8, 2011
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1. an adult swimming pool. no shit.

2. A chunk of Cartoon network where it airs pg-MA shows. Has bad airtimes, what if some kid (under 9) can stay up as late as he wants on weekends? Hell, i'd pay to see that happen.
Little bobby- Yayzorz! lolol i can stay up till toooo!
hey? werz cartoooon netwurk?????????? wuz this!!1!11 omg! adult swim airtime blawk??!?!?! i lawv swimming poolz!

TV- Hey! look! a penis!

Little bobby- mommaww!!! waz a peeniz??

by DrClash May 4, 2006
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Oh boy, i can't begin with how much this level sucks.

Let me clarify this is only my opinion

Annoying fists to punt you halfway across the map? Check.
Crappy fans that literally blow you so far that you waste 10 seconds trying to get to the bottom? Check.
At least 20 try hards who stay in their rooms on fall guys 24/7? Say no more champ.
Spinning platforms that have a spinning obstacle in the centre to confuse you? Already done.
Confusing pipe system moving you to different sides to before? Checkmate, already in.
AIRTIME IS the single most shitty level I've ever seen. I can't say how many times I've been punted 50 miles away from where I was by a fan or a fist.
Only to watch me not qualify and get eliminated while some Jimmy no life qualifies in 5 seconds flat with his cheeto fingers.
I Literally need therapy after playing fall guys tonight.

See below for the GIF of my mates actions upon qualification.
Jeff: AIRTIME is so bad!
Henry: nah man you're just trash.
Jeff and a lot more: listen here you little shit.
by Dopeytwitsucksatfootball May 23, 2022
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Its an amount which is a value of money and or currency allocated to a cellphone sim and or iemi number, which any person and or ordinary person must have spent and or be given in order to contact different and or other people on there cellphones with each of their own sim numbers and iemi numbers. Someone benging called does not require airtime to receive a call however one needs airtime in order to make outgoing calls. calls to certain numbers overseas are restricted and calls to certain networks are restricted. If there is no airtime a voice loop of a person saying that there is no airtime please put more airtime to the user wll be told. the user then needs to have bank balnce surplus in order to purchase airtime otherwise no airtime is purchased via visas and or mastercard.
When a mother gives birth at the maternity ward, instead of the medical doctor saying congratulations he and or she should ask them to please buy more airtime to make phone calls and convert to data for service provider service offering daiily charges on unwanted services.
by Patrick the Starfish001 January 13, 2023
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