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A voucher that's used to upload money on your phone in order to make phone calls, send messages, use internet on your phone etc. The word “airtime” is most commonly used in South Africa.
I can't make any phone calls, I don't have airtime.
I would like to buy some airtime please.
by owen123 November 18, 2013
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One says something to someone else and they blank the person.
Kabir: ay Joesph, u ayt?
someone random:airtime
by mrhellomr March 05, 2008
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A time spent being blanked/ignored, usually embarrassing for the person being given the air time. Mostly happens while trying to catch the attention of a person passing by, but can also happen when assholes think they are too good to talk to you.
Person1: Do you like Conner James?
Person2: Everybody loves him, but I think he's a prick, he gives me air time because I play in the chess club.

Ohh, Geoff just gave you some serious air time!

I broke Jessica's vase and she's been giving me air time for a week now.
by ToeFurkey!! August 20, 2009
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An appearance on television or other public medium. Usually refers to a specific amount of time.
"Why did the ebola outbreak story only got five minutes of air time?"
by zerah September 24, 2003
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the amount of time in the air whilst doing any activity - usually of the sporting variety, like windsurfing / snowboarding / skateboarding / free running etc
"Dude, that was some krazee air time!" (when talking about a big jump off a wave when windsurfing)
by Thayer September 24, 2003
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The time spent in the air while dunking a basketball.
He had some serious air time on that last dunk.
by JFC September 26, 2003
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