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To position oneself on a subway platform such that, when the passenger steps off the train at his destination, he'll be as close as possible to the exit or stairs to his transfer. Used and done often in the nyc subway system.
Sorry, I can't talk with you while we wait for the train. I've got to prewalk to the end of the platform.

I save time prewalking.
by OfEternity October 31, 2005
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v. to create intricate hand motions, improvising involved, while both hands are grabbing glow sticks. This art form is extremely popular at technology college parties where 90% of the people are Asian. Can be done at a rave (see above), or dance, club, party, etc. where techno (maybe trance) is played. Can be done with strings for the twirling effect. The basic configuration consists of a bent over figure-eight, meant to drive people on x out of their f'ing minds. (Also popular at CTY dances. lol...) Highly respected form of urban dance.
"Dude, you should see Devin rave... he owns the dance floor with those sticks."

"Yeah, well, Dave can kick his raving ass with his glow sticks."

"Jeannie owns them both. She's got raving style."

"Do you rave? Can you teach me how to rave?"
by OfEternity August 25, 2004
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A form of silicosis caused by breathing in siliceous volcanic dust.

Exceeded electrophotomicrographically as the longest recognized word in English.
You: Dude, stop smoking.
Me: I don't smoke.
You: Yes, you do.
Me: No, I have pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
by OfEternity June 27, 2005
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ultra-fun summer program for so-called "nerds" who aren't really nerd, but really asians at heart. Symbolizes teenage social bonding. Run and managed by Johns Hopkins University. An unforgettable experience for literally anyone who attends.
I spent the best three weeks of my life at CTY this summer.
by OfEternity August 27, 2004
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haughty, arrogant school on the upper west side of manhattan. founded 1628. with stereotypically rich, smart, sexist, privileged kids who bask in their skewed ethics. students are taught every once in a while that this school is the best in the U.S. .... and therefore, the world.
I want to marry a Collegiate graduate when I grow up. They're so rich and successful.

I can't wait until I get the fuck out of Collegiate.

Collegiate has a way of sinking its claws into you.
by OfEternity August 27, 2004
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