The best time of your life, filled with lanyards, frisbees, passionfruits and memories. Additionally filled with American Pies, Stairways to Heaven, Nightswimming, the list goes on...
The best three weeks of your life.
-sorry my last definition was very "focused"-
I went to CTY this summer.
by free2chink March 3, 2005
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Three weeks that last forever and a split second at the same time. CTY is, and always will be, one of the most amazing experiences you can have at a summer camp. It leaves you with many great memories, and usually, friends that live hundreds of miles away.
I went to CTY, and I danced to American Pie.
I went to CTY, and discovered an open and accepting community.
I went to CTY, and have been forever spoiled by the best teachers and students I've ever worked with.
I went to CTY, and found out who I am.
I went to CTY, and I never left.
by SAR2013 September 15, 2012
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Center for Talented Youth
Center for Trouble Youth
Corrupt The Youth
Society of Bad Spellers

Nerd-camp to those who have not participated. A summer program where a class occupies most of your time on paper, and relationships occupy most of your time in reality. Consists of several sites, of which LANCASTER and Carslile are the best, and St.Mary's and John Hopkins are the worst (ironic in that it is technically the John Hopkins Talent Search). An unforgatable, and occasionally life-changing experience for those who participated. At any rate, you never lose the friends or the memories.
CTY has a nice butt, CTY we love you. Take off your clothes, take off your clothes, CTY we love you.
by The French Girl January 4, 2005
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CTY: The most amazing summer camp in the world- often referred to as Nerd-camp for anyone that hasn't been. You have the option to choose a site (Carlisle is the best!), and a class with a subject that interests you. You are ALWAYS having fun, I don't care what anyone else tells you! You make many many friends that get to know you and still choose love you anyways, have many new experiences, and you learn to feel sorry for all the losers that don't attend. :D This is an amazing camp that I've learned to love after 5 years of attending, and I will NEVER forget all the amazing memories- I love CTY and I love the passion fruit! ;)
Guy: "Where can you find the coolest nerds out there?"
Girl: "I don't know, where?"
Guy: "CTY!"
Girl": "Now I feel so stupid, that's so obvious!"
by Laxluvr;) August 16, 2011
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1. As the New Yorker put it: "Nerd Camp."
2. A summer program in which students take in depth courses every week day for three weeks. In the middle are dances, activities, and much more.
3. A culture to itself consisting of Monty Python fans, Rocky Horror fans, Hitchiker's Guide fans, etc...
1. Damn that magazine!
2. We aren't that nerdy!
3. I only go there for the friends!
by shrubbery June 12, 2005
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A summer consisting of two session, each three weeks over the summer im several locations (sites). Qualification requires eligible SAT scores or STB (Spatial Test Battery) scores. During these weeks on intense courses (IPMS, Greek, Philosophy of the Mind, etc) students attempt to reach the furthest they can with the opposite sex possible in three weeks (or six, which is rare for a couple to spend two sessions in the same site). It is not difficult for gay/lesbians to attempt these practices, especially if they're in the same hall (dorm), or even room. It is easy for RA's (Residential Assistants/Administrators) to reach home plate. My roomate's roomate has seen his RA bang a female RA in the room next to his. Dances are the perfect opportunity to attempt such a practice (behind the chairs of Carlisle) (during one of the 7 dances of Lancaster). If you have no acknowledgement of this definition, please ignore and move along.
by Free2chink April 23, 2004
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Center for Talented Youth
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-Whoa Dude! I just had the most coolest frickin time at surf camp! Where did you go over the summer, bro?

-I went to CTY and had a fun and educational experience. I also met this girl for the first time, became her friend, then got together with her before the 3 weeks finished and we had to depart to our separate sides of the globe, never to see eachother again.

by little space girl January 17, 2008
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