On Valentine's Day the only way to "get off the train" would be to find a date, to give up in the pursuit of finding a date or when the clock strikes midnight and you're all alone.

To be on the train means to be single and in pursuit of someone to spend the day and/or night, without the intent of perusing a relationship with that person.

Related: To be on the train /To be on the desperation train / To be on the train of despair / To be riding the train.
- What are your plans for V-day?
- I'm on the train this year.
- No worries dude, you'll be off the train way before V-day.
by a66spam February 2, 2014
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(1) What old people say in lieu of "Off the Chain!"
(2) Slang for a sweet ass putter
(1) father - "That Justin Bieber is off the train!"
son - I think you mean "off the chain".

(2) I have a motha-fuckin Scotty Cameron, it's off the train!
by C-Bo@ April 16, 2010
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A woman who has just finished participating in a gang bang.
Lindsey; I got really drunk last night and had a gang bang, oh my

Erica; oh, you were "Last Off the train" again.
by MsZee August 3, 2010
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When one person loses their train of thought multiply times during conversation because they fried their brain doing too many drugs. Also falling off the train in life resulting in not fulfilling their full potential.
You asked me that twice already, you really need to take better care of yourself because your falling off the train.
by Catirandafly October 15, 2016
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