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to slap somebody in the face with a calculator. perhaps you had a calculator in your hand, or to show intellectual superiority. pretty much the highest form of domination. often results in bleeding.
1. Moron - derr, i really suck.
Smart kid - calcuslapped!
2. dumbass - hehe! i'm gonna act like a retard!
other dude - don't do that, or i'll calcuslap you.
by Oddy October 14, 2005
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similar to derr, but more dumb. especially if you use it on msn. pretty much a noise you make if you want to sound like a doofus, or are just being a moron, or want to aggrivate your friends, or are really, REALLY, stupid.
1. stupid kid (on msn) - derh. i dunno.
other kid (on msn) - hehehehe lol
2. kid - yeah, you know that kid? he says "derh," like, all the time.
other kid (being accused of saying derh) - wtf are you talking about? no i don't, asstits.
by Oddy October 14, 2005
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Being bisexual means that you're attracted to girls and boys.
"I'm attracted to boys and girls, what does that mean?"
"You're bisexual"
by oddy August 12, 2014
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A slap to the face, often from male to male, used sometimes to intimidate, anger, or irritate. Mostly, however, this term is for quick revenge for someone saying something dumb. At the same time, the word "dummy!" is shouted, characterizing the victim.
1: First Person: I rammed your momma last night. Second person: Dummyslaps!
2: I'll dummyslap you!
3: You dummy. *Slap*
by Oddy March 29, 2005
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A word sometimes used to paraphrase places with longer names. Often utilized in order to sound more "gangster."
1. Let's reach Pizzaclot. (Pizzaville, Pizza Pizza)
2. You wanna jet to PClot? (Price Chopper)
by Oddy March 29, 2005
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