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similar to derr, but more dumb. especially if you use it on msn. pretty much a noise you make if you want to sound like a doofus, or are just being a moron, or want to aggrivate your friends, or are really, REALLY, stupid.
1. stupid kid (on msn) - derh. i dunno.
other kid (on msn) - hehehehe lol
2. kid - yeah, you know that kid? he says "derh," like, all the time.
other kid (being accused of saying derh) - wtf are you talking about? no i don't, asstits.
by Oddy October 14, 2005
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1.the opposite of shred suck at your instrument
Man, that guy is playin so slow, hes derhsin!
by Sebastian5tero February 13, 2017
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