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Earth,fire,wind,water,heart,Go Planet...
This environmentalist cartoon from the 90's that included 5 memebers from all continents.
Fire=black one. Fire=The white American
Wind=Some european girl with accent
Water=Asian girl
Heart=Some latino boy with a monkey.
and of course captain planet= red and white outfit with a planet logo blueish hair and greenish skin.They flew places with a solar powered airplaned.
I used to watch that, althogh never learned a lesson.
by outlast October 18, 2003
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a blood sucking creature, alian looking, that sucks the blood out of the cows,goats,chickens and other farm animals or animals that it finds. The whole chupacrabra mystery dissapered many years ago, it was all a lied. Some stories were in centarl america others in some islands of the caribean, did it swim?
El chupacrabras. The suckgoat.
by outlast October 14, 2003
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antonio banderas; is the name. hes a spanish actor thats married to some old white actress ,ugly. He deserves better.
Antonio banderas!
by outlast October 11, 2003
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HOT,FINE,FINE,FINE ASS NIGGA. The bestlooking rapper after Bow wow. (rapper form st.louis , Misoouri)Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin at the Holidae In
(Who you wit?) Me and my peeps won't you bring four of your friends
(What we gon' do?) Feel on each other and sip on some Hen
One thing leading to another let the party begin
Chingy is so fine, i drool when i see him.
by outlast October 02, 2003
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a thing enrique iglesias got removed cause it was big and ugly.It can be hairy, and huge or small and ok.
get it removed!
by outlast October 11, 2003
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Chris and Neef
.State Property
.Cant Stop wont stop
non needed
by OUTLAST November 20, 2003
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hijoeputa or higueputa, spanish word meaning sonofabitch.
by OUTLAST October 18, 2003
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