6 definitions by Noxema-Tapioca

from a 1978 concert, Frank Zappa's bandmembers chanting "shit-fuck! shit-fuck! for you!" before pretending to gang-rape another bandmember
by Noxema-Tapioca July 31, 2004
1. To sodomise someone (esp. if they are unprepared)
2. To anally rape someone
They broke into her house, tied her up and shitfucked her.
by Noxema-Tapioca April 17, 2008
1. To defecate
2. To sodomise someone whose rectum is not empty
1. She's been in the toilet 10 minutes - I think she's doing the doo doo
2. I don't care if she's not ready - next time she bends over I'm gonna jump on her and do the doo doo
by Noxema-Tapioca May 2, 2009
Michael Kenyon - NOT a fictional character but a genuine (well-documented) burglar who assaulted female victims by forcibly administering enemas to them during robberies.
"The Ilinois Enema Bandit...a true American folk hero! You've heard of Richard Nixon, this guy is even better!" - Zappa
by Noxema-Tapioca May 20, 2009
1. Sodomise me
2. a really crap rock band from the early '00s
line from a really distasteful RRP porn:
"mama, help me, nasty men do me bad things"
by Noxema-Tapioca March 3, 2009
To perform anal sex, to sodomize

(Minchia is dialectical Italian - Sicilian - meaning penis)
from the film Uncle Meat - the guy from Alabama explains the word minchia, then points at a girl's naked ass and says "d'you put your minchia in the stinkia?"
by Noxema-Tapioca April 17, 2008